Corporate Overview

As the digital face of the plant-based community, PlantX represents the one-stop shop for everything plant-based.TM

PlantX is a company that bridges two multi-billion dollar industries: e-commerce and plant-based foods. From platform launch, within the first 5 months PlantX achieved monthly recurring revenues of $1.3 M.

  • Listed on  global exchanges (CSE:VEGA, OTCQB:PLTXF, Frankfurt:WNT1)

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  • $30M of  capital raised

  • 5 Acquisitions completed
    (Bloombox Club, Locavore Bar and Grill, New Deli, Little West,  EH & Portfolio Coffee)

  • Revenue grows from
    0% to approximately $2M/month in under one year

  • Relationships established with celebrity chefs and brands ambassadors
    (Matthew Kenney, Venus Williams, Justin Fields)

  • 8 Flagship locations built
    Chicago, Los Angeles, Plainfield, Rideau, San Diego, Squamish, Tel Aviv, Yorkdale

  • Company surpasses
    10k shareholders

  • Products listed on,,,, and


5000+ SKUS of plant-based goods from established and new brands.


An all-encompassing online platform + flagship retail locations across the globe


Collaboration and Education through partnerships with other brands, influencers, professional plant-based athletes, medical advisors and other powerful players in the plant-based space and beyond.

Plant-Based Market & Trends

Table 1: Global Plant-Based Food Market: Key Industry Highlights, 2020 and 2030

Source: Analyst Report, Expert Interviews and IMARC Group

  • Rising Awareness of Health Benefits Across the Globe + Rise in Flexitarian Diet
  • Ongoing Investment in New Product Development

Retail & Ecommerce Trends

Global Plant-Based Food (Online Stores) Market: Sales Value (In US$ Billion), 2015 & 2020

Source: Analyst Report, Expert Interviews and IMARC Group

  • Increased Demand for PB Products Across Online Stores
  • Rising Influence of Social Media
  • Greater Reach, Improved Communications, Doorstep Delivery = High Customer Accessibility

Table 1: Global Plant-Based Food Market Forecast: Sales Value (In Billion US$),  2020 and 2030

Source: Analyst Report, Expert Interviews and IMARC Group

  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Increase in Merger & Acquisition Activity by Industry Giants

Global Plant-Based Food (Online Stores) Market Forecast: Sales Value (In US$ Billion), 2021-2030

Source: IMARC Group

  • Rise in Food Safety Concerns
  • Covid-19 Pandemic Changed Conventional Brick & Mortar Shopping
  • Direct to consumer model becoming increasingly important


  • Established and Proven Management Team + Strong Execution
  • First Mover Advantage
  • Technology Platform With High Gross Margins
  • Attractive Valuation Trading Below Peers
  • Strategic M&A and Organic Growth
  • Explosive High Growth Sectors / Industries

Market cap

  • June 30, 2021 - $58.00M
  • 12 M stock options outstanding
  • shares 121 M issued and outstanding
  • 41 M warrants outstanding
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