20 Minutes About Living A Plant-Based Lifestyle

This week on the 20 Minute Fitness podcast, we welcomed Sean Dollinger, the Founder of PlantX, a plant-based community, and marketplace. Sean has been following a plant-based diet for about 10 years now, which, according to him, has made a truly positive contribution both to his physical and mental health.  This is why he has decided to build plants in the hope of helping people live a healthier and longer life.

Listen to this week’s episode to hear about Sean’s personal plant-based journey and what PlantX is all about!





You might have heard about veganism or vegan diet, but Sean says that they prefer the term “plant-based” at PlantX. They believe that the phrase “vegan” often gets stereotyped in a wrong way and plant-based is simply more welcoming. A plant-based diet is basically made up of foods sourced from plants and include no animal ingredients.

One great advantage of being plant-based over following other diets is that it is more of a lifestyle rather than a strict diet, which makes it more sustainable in the long-run. However, Sean says that a slow transition is better than an extreme switch for everyone who wants to go from animal-based to plant-based. Press play for a more comprehensive beginner’s guide to a plant-based diet!


Even though a plant-based diet has become increasingly popular in the past couple of years, there are still a number of misconceptions around it. One of the most common ones, according to Sean, is the claim of not being able to get full from a plant-based meal. Then, he also often hears that people think that a plant-based diet won’t give them enough nutritional value, and more specifically they won’t get enough protein.

While none of these are true, it is key to learn about the plant-based lifestyle from a variety of resources before jumping into it. Gaining knowledge from the right resources will help you in finding the substitutes for all the key nutrients that your body needs.

Tune in to this week’s episode to clear up your misconceptions about the plant-based diet!


Sean decided to go after his passion and form a platform around healthy, plant-based living, which is how PlantX was born. They have a marketplace for all sorts of plant-based foods & other products, such as cosmetics and even pet food. PlantX is dedicated to bringing the newest and greatest of the plant-based world to its customers.

However, PlantX is not just a marketplace. It is also a community of like-minded individuals, who can share their experiences with each other about the plant-based lifestyle. Additionally, PlantX also aims to create a safe environment for anyone who wants to try plant-based living.

So if you’re thinking about giving the plant-based diet a go, listen to this week’s episode and check out PlantX!