Building a Business in the Plant Based World with Lorne Rapkin CEO of PlantX Life Inc. | Ep. 215


PlantX Life Inc. bridges two multi-billion dollar industries: e-commerce and plant-based foods.

From platform launch, within the first 5 months PlantX achieved monthly recurring revenues of $1.3 M, $2m with in a year and has raised over $30 million. They are publically traded on the Candian and US exchanges. PlantX Life operates as an e-commerce company that offers plant-based products in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany. The company provides plant-based groceries, ingredients, food and beverages, cosmetics, pet-foods, plants, and prepared meals. It distributes its products through e-commerce platform, wholesale arrangements, and drop-shipping to restaurants and grocery stores. The company also operates a brick-and-mortar store under the PlantX brand in Squamish, British Columbia and is opening stores in California

In this episode Lorne Rapkin, the newly appointed CEO of PlantX Life and I talk about his journey to becoming the CEO of company and talking about how they’re growing their business and leveraging e-commerce on the web with brick and mortar stores.

You’ll walk away with lots of lessons learned and tips you can use in your business.

Links from the episode

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