Create Your Vision with Sean Dollinger [Episode #585]

This week’s topic is: Create Your Vision with Sean Dollinger

I am so excited to have my very special guest, Sean Dollinger, who is an entrepreneur and Founder of PlantX, an online platform offering quality plant based products and services. Listen in as Sean provides insight on how to juggle a family and stay present while still creating your vision.


  • From baseball to his running a plant-based company, Sean shares his entrepreneurial journey and the effect this has had on his work ethic…
  • What is PlantX and why now?…
  • Relationships and how to influence for the better…
  • Supplements and what to take when plant-based…
  • Maintaining healthy emotional wellbeing and mental health practices…
  • How to stay present with your kids and partners…
  • Core components to manifesting your vision…


Sean Dollinger

About Sean Dollinger

Sean Dollinger is an entrepreneur with a keen ability to take an idea from conception through successful execution. He has an incredibly diverse background in all facets of e-commerce. Sean’s most recent project is PlantX, which is not only an online store for plant-based products, but a full online vegan community, where users can order healthy vegan meals, and learn about the vegan lifestyle through discussions and blogs.


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