How Technology is Enabling Families to Build a Plant-Based Life – Meet PlantX

A recent study showed that between 2004 and 2019, there was a 30-fold increase in the number of vegans in the United States, skyrocketing from 290,000 to nearly 10 million. This rapid acceleration toward plant-based lifestyles had a slow start. 15 years ago, it was hard to convince people that leading a plant-based lifestyle was doable; so many cultures and countries around the world centered meat and animal products in their eating habits, but with the rise of technology, being plant-based has gotten easier than ever.

Understanding the Role of Technology in the Rise of Plant-Based Lifestyles

Technology has played a massive role in changing the way plant-based lifestyle is seen and understood, but it has also played a role in making it more accessible. With new technologies in the food and beverage industry, creating plant-based meat and dairy alternatives is much more feasible and profitable for companies in that industry.

In 2020, plant-based meat and dairy sales hit $29 billion, but by 2030, those sales are expected to reach $162 billion. The rise in production and consumption of these products wouldn’t have happened without technological advances.

Technology also played a major role in how plant-based lifestyles were perceived, understood, and accepted. 20 years ago, vegans were seen as “weird, granola hippies” and many people simply could not understand their lifestyle. Now, there are major celebrities, athletes, and influencers who lead plant-based lifestyles. Their ability to share on social media and make plant-based living more widely accepted is thanks to technological advancements like social media.

How Technology Continues to Enable Lifestyle Changes

The work is far from over, however. There is still so much growth expected in the industry, and so much to be done in terms of normalizing plant-based lifestyles while ensuring they are affordable and accessible. Plant-based individuals still cannot be sure that they’ll have many options when dining out or shopping in smaller towns all over the world. Plant-based living is easy in cities where health-food stores are abundant and always stocked with new products, but those products don’t reach every corner of the US, Canada, or other developed nations.

Society needs a holistic approach to plant-based living. It has to be accessible in grocery stores, on the move, at your home, and more. Further, the education for this lifestyle can’t only exist in long books, online forums, and blogs. Technology is one of the major tools humanity has to encourage plant-based living and battle the negative aspects of our animal-centric current state.

PlantX is the Technology Infrastructure We’ve Been Waiting For

Realizing that to fight a multi-faceted and complex problem, such as the meat and dairy industry, PlantX is leading the charge with a holistic approach to plant-based living. Through their dynamic brand and product offerings, PlantX makes it easier for anyone to understand the benefits of plant-based living, access the right foods, and gain health and wellness in all aspects of their lives. Here are some of the most critical components of the PlantX brand that are changing the landscape for plant-based living:

Online Marketplace

Offering heaps of plant-based products in an “Amazon-style” e-commerce platform, PlantX makes getting vegan food easier than ever. Instead of rushing around the five different stores in your area, simply place an order and wait in the comfort of your own home. In some major cities, the PlantX marketplace offers same-day delivery, which is expected to expand even further. Product offerings will go beyond food, too, making it the perfect place to find vegan beauty products, wellness products, and sustainable household items.

PlantX App

To enhance the shopping process even further, PlantX employed a mobile application approach, bringing their offerings to the spot most accessible – your phone! On the app, you can order food from the marketplace, find recipes, and interact with a community of other plant-based people. Think of it like an e-commerce, cooking, and social media application all wrapped into one.


Plant-based living is so much more than just a diet change; it’s a lifestyle change. With a solid plant-based lifestyle, you can experience massive health benefits, but PlantX is taking those health benefits to the next level. Branching into the fitness space, XFitness makes it easier than ever to get a quick workout in. With many live and on-demand classes, users can find what fits their needs best.

Technology is a Tool; PlantX is Using It

The road ahead to a plant-based world is filled with many challenges and obstacles, but through the smart use of technology, those challenges melt away. Recent history has shown the power of people, technology, and an idea, and PlantX will continue to use technology to propel the plant-based lifestyle.

Looking ahead, PlantX seems like a promising company. As they disrupt the growing plant-based industry, we can expect to see substantial growth of their brand. In fact, Capital-Y, a New York based hedge fund recently released a report giving PlantX stock (CSE: VEGA) a 12X price target. Given this, investors would be well served keeping their eye on this stock.